Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent makeup takes away the hassle of applying makeup every day and even touches upon it throughout the day. They are indeed the most convenient way of living for those who don’t have the time to invest in putting on makeup every day. One important thing to understand with all types of permanent make up is that it doesn’t last forever, and you will have to retouch them every one or two years.

What are Permanent Eyebrows?

Permanent eyebrows are becoming one of the trendiest makeup services in this generation. A permanent eyebrow makes up various techniques and styles to give you the perfect eyebrow look you desire. Permanent eyebrows typically last from 18-30 months, depending on how you take care of it after the procedure, your lifestyle, and even your skin type.

Types of permanent eyebrows

Microblading is one of the most popular ways in which you can get semi-permanent eyebrows, but as the name suggests, they are not for forever. Microblading uses tiny needles to draw the minute hair strokes manually. These needles make small tears in the skin where the pigment gets deposited.

Another way is through micro-pigmentation, which is done using a tattoo device that penetrates the deeper layers of your skin. While this technique gives you longer-lasting results, there is a higher risk for adverse skin reactions since the pigments go deeper into the skin. When it comes to micro-pigmentation, it not only enhances your eyebrows but also minimizes the appearance of scars, replacing thinning hair, helping in depigmentation of skin, semi permanent eyeliner, lip colour, etc.

Microblading vs Micropigmentation

The difference between micropigmentation and microblading lies in the technique and the type of pigments they use. The pigments used for microblading is less concentrated and eventually fades away after a while. The good thing about microblading’s lighter pigment is that they make the eyebrows look more natural. For the procedure, a numbing cream is used before the treatment to help with the pain.

Where can you get permanent eyebrows done?

Danielle James Clinic offers various services for permanent makeup, such as Permanent Eyebrows in all the different shapes and shades. Their permanent eyebrow makeup treatment gives you realistic and natural-looking eyebrows, but you can also choose to go for a bolder look if you prefer it.

The technicians at Danielle James Clinic uses hair imitation techniques that deliberately tattoo groups of hair strokes in no uniform order to give you that realistic-looking eyebrow. They also offer to shade and uses an advanced blade that helps them through this process.

The different treatments available at Danielle James Clinic is:

  • Microblading
  • Power Ombre
  • Combination
  • 3D Mix/Ombre

The price range for the different treatments at Danielle James Clinic is:

  • Consultation is free
  • Microblading: £250
  • Power Ombre: £240
  • Combination: £300
  • 3D Mix/Ombre: £300
  • Alopecia Brows: This is priced after consultation

You have to pay an additional £50 as a deposit to book treatments at Danielle James Clinic. All the different eyebrow treatments include top-up if you book an appointment with them within 12 weeks after initial treatment.

You can quickly contact Danielle James Clinic for Permanent Eyebrows through their: