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Permanent Eyebrows

Unique to you

At Danielle James Clinic Liverpool, we can give natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you desire. Permanent eyebrows are the perfect way to enhance your features while maintaining a natural look.

All shapes and shades from natural to bold, gain that perfect look you’ve been dreaming of with Danielle James Clinic Liverpool. The realistic brow careful hair imitation technique designed by me works by deliberately grouping tattooed hair strokes in no uniform order to look like an actual brow is just one of the looks you could choose from.

Permanent eyebrows
Permanent eyebrows

Our treatments

Hair imitating with shading and advanced blade work to a beautiful ombre look can give the nicest looking brows. Treatments include Microblading, Powder Ombre, Combination, 3D Brows and more. Regardless of your current brow shape or lack of hair, we can create beautiful symmetry in a perfect colour to suit you. Take the hassle out of everyday brow filling and give yourself an extra ten minutes in bed.

Treatment Price Guide

A £50 deposit is required when you book any of our treatments. All brow prices are inclusive of top-up when booked within 12 weeks after initial treatment.



Powder Ombre






3D Mix/Ombre


Alopecia Brows

On Consultation

Treatment details

Before the treatment, you will have a consultation to discuss your expectations, colour, thickness and shape. Any medical conditions and pretreatment advice then based on that, we promise to achieve the best result possible! After the treatment, you mustn’t get your brows wet for the first 7-14 days; also avoid direct sun exposure for the first 14 days further aftercare is given in the clinic.

Permanent eyebrow treatments
Candy McCulloch, eyebrow client
Candy McCulloch,
eyebrow client

Danielle made me feel so comfortable during the procedure and I’m so happy with the results!

Candy McCulloch signature

Get In Touch

At Danielle James Clinic, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation;

we can also answer any questions the regarding treatments we offer. To discuss any treatment in Liverpool, please call us on either telephone