Permanent Lips

With the beauty industry ever-expanding and updating, we can see a surge in much trending makeup looks that were once taboo or unspoken. Such as permanent makeup, specifically, permanent lip blushing, colouring, or lip liner.

A much better-known concept of adding lip fillers, but you can now get a more pronounced lip look without injection. Lip colouring or blushing is more like colour tattooing. Permanent makeup is making its way into the more mainstream aspects of the beauty and makeup industry.

Lip blushing or permanent lips is a way to colour correct your lips and be used to lift the size and shape of your lips. This makes the permanent lips service a more convenient option than injections or even gong under the knife.

What does it do?

It takes away the hassle of applying, touch-ups, or even removing makeup every day; hence, it’s popular among people who don’t have the luxury of spending time with makeup every day.
Lip blushing creates a more realistic, natural look to your lips than lip fillers, although the latter can create more volume. With lip blushing, it is more about creating an illusion of having plump lips.

How long does permanent lip makeup last?

Professional permanent makeup artists are trained in using mechanized needles that help deposit the desired pigment into the lips and build up the colour of your lips. The result of the permanent lip treatment can vary from one person to another. Factors include lifestyle, maintenance and the base colour of your lips before the treatment. Typically, they last for at least a few years.

Where can you get permanent lip makeup?

Nowadays, with advanced technology, permanent lip blushing, colouring or lining is more convenient, easier, and even gentler on your lips. At Danielle James Clinic, you can avail these services, including the removal of such pigmentations.

Permanent lip liner/lip blush at Danielle James Clinic uses long lasting pigments to enhance the colour of your lips. It adds the appearance of plump and full lips with their colour correction treatment.

The first step is the consultation stage, where you can discuss with your technician what you are looking to gain from the treatment. After this, the lips are prepped with aesthesia to pre numb the lips. An outline of what the “new” lips will look like is drawn and evaluated with the client.

If you are happy with the shape and size of the outline or form, the actual process of tattooing the pigment into the lips will start.

Although the lips are a sensitive part of the body, the pain level for tattooing on your lips typically ranks between 3-4 out of ten, if ten is the most painful. However, depending on your pain tolerance, you can take painkillers before the treatment but make sure that you consult the technician and your physician first.

The services they provide are:

  • Lip liner
  • Lip blush
  • Full lip colour
  • Medical lip tattoo

The price range at Danielle James Clinic is:

  • Consultation is free
  • Full lip colour: £350
  • Lip line and bush: £300
  • Lip lining: £220
  • Medical lips: This is priced at consultation
  • There is an additional £50 deposit for all the different treatments.

You can easily contact Danielle James Clinic for Permanent lip liner/lip blush today!